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On World Tourism Day: 10 Trekker Tales from the Great Himalaya Trails

September 27, 2016

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller” – Ibn Battuta

As the world recognizes World Tourism Day today, September 27, we feel grateful for all the visitors who came to Nepal and the Great Himalaya Trails this year, and shared their amazing adventures with us through the official GHT hashtag: #MyGHT.

Together these brilliant Instagrammers highlight the diversity of adventures available on and around the Great Himalaya Trails. From high-altitude romantic gestures to Everest summit bids and high-speed activities we take you back to some of our favorite tales from the trails this year, like…

1) That time @jankovoy woke up to this

My personal “Everest View Hotel”?. Some people may prefer many million dollar apartments, but what can be more valuable than a million dollar view from the place you live in. From the «window» of the tent can be seen from left to right: two eight-thousanders – Mt. #Everest (8,848 m) and #Lhotse (8,516 m); and also one of the most beautiful peaks in the world – Ama Dablam (6,814 m). ?Location: Tengboche (3,870 m), Everest region, Sagarmatha National Park, #Nepal. #mountainlove #mountains #mountaineering #Himalayas #nepal8thwonder #myght #trekking #NeverStopExploring #landscape #longexposure #naturelovers #beautifuldestinations #adventure #extreme #NorthFace #wilderness #explore #travel #travelgram #TheNorthFace_Russia #landscape_lovers #natgeo #natgeoru #ic_nature #wonderful_places #earth_shotz #mytnfpic

A photo posted by Anton Jankovoy ? Антон Янковой (@jankovoy) on

Many popular trails offer teahouse trekking, but when will you ever have the chance to fall asleep to the views of Mt Everest, Lhotse and the iconic Ama Dablam? Lugging around that tent may just be worth it…

2) The time @samde.sherpa.5 made us all want to visit Tengboche

Buddha was famously born in the Nepali city of Lumbini but many Buddhist and Hindu pilgrimage sites are located high in the mountains. Turn your trek into a spiritual journey and visit some of the most significant religious sites in the country.

3) That time @nishaadhikari13 stood on top of the world

Nepali actress Nisha Adhikari recalls her memorable moment at 8,848m as “experiencing the highest Himalayan high”. We can only imagine.

4) That time @cov96 was tempted to never leave the bathroom

Who can blame her? When was the last time you had a loo with a view like this?

5) That time @everestmarathon organized the worlds highest trail running marathon

Perhaps surprisingly to some, this isn’t a once-off occurrence.
The worlds highest trail running marathon is an annual event held every year on the anniversary of the first successful ascent of Everest by Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary on 29th May, 1953. The race starts near Everest Base Camp and runs along parts of the Great Himalaya Trails to the finish in Namche Bazar. With only 243 days left until the 2017 edition, it’s time to start training!

6) That time @uuzzol experienced pioneering trail solutions

#Hiking is #meditation for me, But this one is VIPASANA . #Travel #Manaslu #Nepal

A photo posted by Uzol Rai (@uzzool) on

If you’re a trail enthusiast like us you’ll appreciate the fact that this right here is the most pioneering passage on the GHT to date. Stretching out in all its 195m glory is the state-of-the-art cantilever pathway, built in the Manaslu region, in the aftermath of the 2015 earthquake. The new structure provides a safer passageway for around 8,000 locals and ensures that visitors can return to the Manaslu Circuit for the fall trekking season.

7) The time @_aieeeee_ couldn’t help but “Tree Pose” the peaks

Since before the dawn of time the Himalayas have been known to be a source of mystical energy helping to lead devotees to enlightenment. With natural beauty and spiritual environment abounding in the mountains you can’t help but want to try to connect with your Divine self.

8) That time @sapkota.kaushal encountered Nepali mountain food and never looked back

One of Nepal’s best kept secrets is its incredible cuisine. Don’t believe it? Come back to us after you’ve had a Mo:Mo. The Snickers kind.

9) The time @danmilnerphoto captured life on the fast track

Most people typically explore Nepal by foot, but in recent years mountain bike tourism has been on the rise. The challenging terrain, unique cultural experience and world-class views are part of the appeal, and then there’s the fact that bikes get you to interesting places much faster than by foot. One professed mountain biker’s mecca is the high-altitude and spiritually rich landscapes of Upper Mustang (pictured here).

10) That time @ardhanareshwar witnessed a mountain proposal

What more appropriate place to take the proverbial plunge than from the top of a mountain? This heartwarming scene is only just rivaled by the stunning Himalayan sunrise offered at this very spot on Poon Hill.

We’ve reached the end of the Tales from the Great Himalaya Trails for this time. Thank you to everyone who visited Nepal and the Great Himalaya Trails this year and to those who shared their journey with us here at GHT by hashtagging your adventures with #MyGHT. Keep the stories coming and be sure to check in on the GHT Instagram feed to see if your image have been featured.

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