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Take Someone Outdoors

May 27, 2019

Bringing a friend along with you, would not only be the best way to make memories that would last a lifetime, but will also help make the journey enjoyable. Here are some good reasons why having a friend on the trail matters!

Nepal Trekking

On the Madri Himal Trail. Photo By: Laurentiu Morariu on unsplash.

Friends will watch out for youNo one knows, where you are when you go off alone. If you are on the trails with a friend, you can watch out for each other.

Friends will keep you from losing the way: When you go trekking with friends, you will be able to help each other stay on course and not get lost. 

Friends will help lighten your load: It’s always nice to have someone beside you to help with your backpack, when otherwise, it could get too heavy. You will be able to lighten the load by sharing the necessities among yourselves. 

Take someone outside

Friends can help share costs: Trekking along the Himalayas could be quite expensive and having someone by you to share expenses, would make life much easier. Sharing is caring they say, be it a room or a flask of tea!

Most important, friends will help take photographs: Along the trails in the Himalayas, be assured you will have a number of “AWE” moments. Capturing them is a must, and who best could capture this moment for you? Of course the dear friend who you have brought along the trek. A selfie won’t do you any justice!! 


Dawa steven Sherpa on the Mt.Everest Summit. Picture curtsy @Asian Trekking Pvt Ltd.

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