When to Trek

June 26, 2015

We have four main seasons in Nepal:

Summer is from April to September, and is referred to as monsoon season, where the weather gets hot and rain showers are common. Monsoons can cause landslides, which present risks in all over Nepal.

Fall from September to November is the high season in Nepal because the weather makes it perfect for trekking. The mountains are at their most visible, although prices are at their peak as well. The best time to trek the GHT is during Fall.

Winter is from December and January, and it is fiercely cold along the GHT. Many accommodation providers will shut down during this season. However, the skies are very clear and those who brave the cold will be rewarded with spectacular views.

Spring is from February to April, and is a popular time to trek the GHT as the days are longer and warmer. However, the skies are not always clear. Though, as its spring, the flowers in the hills will be blossoming.


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