Himalayan Lynx

The Himalayan Lynx (Lynx) is found across most of Central Asia, Russia, China, and Eastern Europe. While a large cat, the lynx is smaller than many of its relatives and will only grow up to 30kg. They are as secretive as snow leopards and seldom heard because of their large padded paws which allow them to move silently through the forests they live in.

Diet, Ecology & Behaviour

Lynxes prey on a wide range of animals; hoofed animals, rodents, hares, foxes, boars, deer, and birds. Because of the risk in taking down larger animals, the Lynx will often only attempt such feats in the winter. They readily consume carrion and other meat when available and need 1-2kg of meat a day; larger kills will therefore last quite some time. They are also known for silently stalking their prey before they attack and can be seen sitting on high vantage points where they can both hear and see potential prey. They are most active during dawn, dusk, and throughout the night, and spend their days concealed alone in their dens.



Photo: www.wikipedia.org

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