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  • GHT trek for a good cause GHT trek for a good cause 55-year old German Gerda Pauler embarked on an epic journey on the Upper Great Himalaya Trail to raise awareness and funds for the Nepalese NGO Autism Care Nepal, an active organisation supporting parents of autistic children in Nepal. A mountain enthusiast, Gerda had been travelling to Nepal for many years, before she heard about autism in Nepal and the difficult situation of children and parents. Read More
  • A film about the people of Dolpo, Nepal A film about the people of Dolpo, Nepal It is caravan time in Dolpo, high in the Himalayas of Nepal. The villagers must trek for days across the mountains with laden yaks to trade their salt for grain. But when Karma (Gurgon Kyap) returns to the village with the body of Lhakpa, leader of the caravan and son of the old chief Tinle (Thinlen Lhondup), the new chief blames Karma for the death, and will not allow him to lead in Lhakpa’s place. Though Tinle’s grandson, Tserin (Karma Wangiel), is far too young to lead the tribe, Tinle simply renames him Passang – a chief’s name – and prepares him to lead the caravan. Karma challenges Tinle, threatening to take away the yaks, Lhakpa’s widow Pema (Lhapka Tsamchoe), and P... Read More
  • End of the trail End of the trail Hilsa in Humla marks the end of the upper route of the Great Himalaya Trail in Nepal. Many people pass this border post every year on their way to mount Kailash. Hilsa is the end of the Great Himalaya Trail in Nepal © If you do intend to cross over, do make sure you […] Read More