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February 23, 2015

2011_120608indien0005-300x22555-year old German Gerda Pauler embarked on an epic journey on the Upper Great Himalaya Trail to raise awareness and funds for the Nepalese NGO Autism Care Nepal, an active organisation supporting parents of autistic children in Nepal. A mountain enthusiast, Gerda had been travelling to Nepal for many years, before she heard about autism in Nepal and the difficult situation of children and parents. She writes: “in 2011 I returned to Nepal for the 10th time and read an article about autism in a local newspaper. Since I work with autistic children myself, I realised that being autistic in Nepal is totally different from being autistic in Europe. An idea was born. How to combine my enthusiasm for the mountains with helping autistic children? The answer came naturally: a Charity Walk – a really long one – The Great Himalaya Trail.”

Gerda’s 4-month long “GHT Walk for a better future” was supported by British mountaineer Sin Chris Bonington and the Norwegian NGO Mountain People and successfully raised considerable funds to help autistic children and their parents in Nepal.

Read below about Gerda’s challenging GHT adventure. For more information, browse her website Great Himalaya Trail Charity Walk.

“Is it really necessary to be young and super sporty to follow the Himalaya Trail 1700 km across the mountains of Nepal? Well, not really. In my opinion aim orientated madness,, time and basic mountaineering experience are sufficient.

At the age of 55 I am no longer that young, and since I stay away from any sort of gym or running tracks I am not the fittest in town – I am just more crazy than others.

Admittedly, I have been to the Himalaya 15 times (no package trips), I climb regularly and use my bike to get to work. However, is this enough?

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